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Pedigree engineering underlies grande marque style.  This combination delivers confidence – when you’re on the road and when you’re resting secure and comfortable.

You’ll find a seasoned spirit of adventure in every Fleetwood caravan.  It means excitement you can trust; design that you can depend upon.

We understand that to have a safe base, furnished with familiar comforts is the most relaxing experience of all, no matter how exciting the adventures that surround it.


There’s something very beautiful about design that fulfils a function perfectly.  It’s about balance and harmony, a respect for engineering.  Eye-catching design aligned to superior quality construction has made the Heritage marque the envy of other caravan owners across Europe. 

This year, the Heritage range is better than ever.  You’ll be struck by the sheer solidity of the build and the meticulous style of everything within it.  Button through leather upholstery; raw silk curtains; full oven and grill; memory foam topped bed mattresses – the write-home-about features go on and on.

There are nine models in the Heritage range.

Three Heritage caravans (the 490-2, 530-3 and 560-4) are built on a single axle, providing premium quality accommodation with easy manoeuvrability. These models are the ideal solution if you’re seeking compact yet perfectly-proportioned build and top-of-the-range interiors.

Six Heritage caravans (the 640-I, 640-CB, 640-ESD, 640-EST, and 640-ES6) boast the twin axle construction on which the range’s reputation has been built.  They’re simply stunning.


If you find the model numbers a little confusing, here’s what they mean: the first three-figure number describes the body length of the caravan in question (the 490 has a body length of 490 cm or 4.9 metres; the 640 a body of 6.4 metres).

The second part of the range number outlines the internal features of the caravan. With the smaller caravans, the figure after the dash stands for the number of berths (530-3 is a three berth model, for example). In the larger Heritage models, the letters after the dash are a shortened way of describing the internal layout (I is ‘island (bed)’; EB is ‘end bathroom’; CB is ‘central bedroom’; ESD is ‘end separate (bedroom) double’; EST is ‘end separate (bedroom) twin’; ES6 is ‘end separate (bedroom) 6-berth’).


Heritage 490-2                    

The delightful single-axle two-berth Heritage features spacious 6’1” single seats to the front, which convert to a large double bed or two singles. In the mid-section, there’s a side kitchen with a TV/dresser unit adjacent. The large rear washroom with shower, washbasin, toilet and large wardrobe area, complete the layout.

Heritage 530-3

The single-axle, three-berth Heritage features 6’1” seats at the front that convert to a large double or two single beds. The side kitchen has a huge workspace with adjacent dinette seating area that converts to a single bed. The large rear washroom contains a shower, toilet, washbasin and full-length wardrobe. You can also order the 530-3 in a fourth-berth Pullman layout.

Heritage 560-4

The wonderfully practical four-berth single-axle Heritage features l-shaped seating at the front and that converts into a double bed. A roomy side kitchen leads to a large transverse wash and shower room. A sliding door provides easy access to the end bedroom with fixed twin beds and a handy central locker. There is also the option of fitting a double bed in this area.

Heritage 640-EB

Essentially a twin-axle two-berth, the 640–EB has a clever third berth facility (with a fourth berth option) which is perfect for grandchildren. At the front of the caravan 6’1” long parallel-seating converts to a large double, or twin single beds. The practical kitchen is L-shaped and there’s a huge end wash and shower room. You’ll love the massive wardrobe space.

Heritage 640-ES(D)

This four or six-berth twin-axle model has become the most popular Heritage in recent years. Spacious 6’1” long parallel-seating converts to a large double, or twin single beds. A centre kitchen leads to a washroom with separate shower room beyond which are sliding doors to a large double bedroom. The mid area can be easily converted to beds for six-berth accommodation.

Heritage 640-ES(T)

Essentially the same as the 640-ESD, but with domestic-style twin beds, separated by a fixed floor-mounted cabinet replacing the transverse double.

Heritage 640-ES(6)

This Heritage is ideal for large families. The forward-end washroom is the same as in the 640-ESD. However, a sliding door to the rear leads to two parallel day seats with a Pullman bunk over each – pull-out bed slats provide a large double bed in this area if required. There is a dedicated TV station at roof locker height just inside the sliding door; this together with the free-standing table gives children their own special area.

Heritage 640-I

This prestigious four-berth twin-axle model features a spacious ‘wrap-round’ seating area at the front end together with transverse washroom of the 640-ESD. Beyond sliding doors is a large end bedroom with a fixed ‘island’ double bed. Twin bedside cabinets support an overhead canopy of open-plan shelving and roof lockers, there’s also a vanity table, mirror and handy power sockets.

Heritage 640-CB

Although essentially a two berth, this clever layout can easily accommodate four in comfort with single bench seating converting to a double bed at the front end. This area leads into the kitchen, beyond which is the open plan centre double bedroom; a corridor by-passes this leading to a large end washroom and enabling private access to this either from the centre bed or the front double. The washroom area boasts a large wardrobe and a separate shower.


For the first time ever, we’re giving Heritage owners the choice between two sumptuous soft leather furnishing themes or four designer fabric options.

The following soft furnishing themes are those seen on the Heritage caravans shown as demonstrators at your local dealer.


640-I, 560-4


640-ES(D), 640-ES(T), 640-ES(6)


490-2, 640-CB, 640-EB



Fleetwood will furnish your Heritage with whichever of the options you choose. Just let your dealer know your choice, eight weeks before delivery.

2009 Models

Heritage 490-2  Heritage 530-3  Heritage 560-4 
Heritage 640-EB   Heritage 640-ES(D)   Heritage 640-ES(T) 
Heritage 640-ES(6) Heritage 640-I Heritage 640-CB



Striking designs, beautifully put together - Meridiens epitomise the ethos of the clubman caravan.

From the first admiring glance, you can see that these caravans are made for touring.  Outside, they’re robust and stylish with an aerodynamic body shape that makes towing a low-effort pleasure.

Inside, Meridiens feel like a home from home.  We’ve designed new and striking range of upholstery choices for 2009, and combined these with fresh interior layouts that are designed to accommodate your needs perfectly, wherever you may be.

There are five Meridien clubman caravans in our 2009 range.  The four single-axle models (480-2, 520-EB, 560-I and 560-EK) feature the classic style and easy manoeuvrability for which this marque is renowned.  At the head of the range is the spacious, stunning twin axle 640-EKB.

The quality of finish throughout the range is striking.  New fabric choices enhance interiors that are already light and airy.

You’ll love the sheer practicality of the Meridiens – furnishing that are both, hardwearing and stylish, adaptable and cosy.


The model numbers are our shorthand way of outlining the specification of each caravan. The first three-figure number describes the body length of the caravan in question (the 480 has a body length of 480 cm or 4.8 metres for instance).

The second part of the range number outlines the internal features of the caravan. When the figure after the dash stands is a number, it stands for the number of berths (480-2 is a two berth model, for example). In the larger Meridiens, the letters after the dash are a shortened way of describing the internal layout (EB is ‘end bathroom’; EK is ‘end kitchen’).

Meridien 480-2

This two-berth single-axle clubman is deceptively spacious. A large end dressing room contains a wardrobe, shower, Thetford swivel toilet, and washbasin set in a high gloss black surface surround. Two long day-seats at the forward end are separated by a removable front chest, for easy conversion to twin singles, or a large double bed. The centre kitchen features generous high-gloss worktops.

Meridien 520-EB

The 520-EB is a single axle clubman with two or three berths. Two long day-seats at the forward end have a removable front chest between them for easy conversion into twin single beds or a large double. The central dinette can also be converted into a single bed with a Pullman Bunk overhead. The central kitchen features generous high gloss worktops. A spacious end dressing room boasts a full wardrobe and shelving, walk in shower, Thetford swivel toilet, and washbasin set in a high gloss black surface surround.

Meridien 560-I

The single axle 560-I provides four spacious berths. The delightful double bedroom boasts twin bedside lockers linked by a canopy of roof lockers and shelving. At the front, U-shaped seating converts into a double bed. The central kitchen with full oven, refrigerator, and sink/drainer has impressive high gloss work surfaces whilst opposite, the washroom has a vanity sink, swivel toilet and shower.

Meridien 560-EK

This layout is unique to Fleetwood. Although technically a four-berth Clubman the 560-EK is often chosen as by couples. The L-shaped kitchen at the rear with its vast glossy work surfaces provide the perfect complement to high-specification oven, sink and refrigerator. The washroom features a walk-in shower and separate basin area. At the front end a central dinette is surrounded by U-shaped seating.

Meridien 640-EKB

Our revolutionary twin axle Clubman offers stylish accommodation for families with up to four children. Seating at the front end converts into a double bed; a central dinette provides a single bed with a Pullman Bunk overhead; whilst opposite is a unique fixed twin bunk area with a pivotal TV bracket. At the rear, you’ll find an L-shaped kitchen with massive workspace, and a corner washroom with a practical separate shower area.


The following soft furnishing themes are those seen on the Meridien caravans shown as demonstrators at your local dealer.


560-EK, 520-EB


480-2, 560-I




2009 Models

Meridien 480-2 

 Meridien 520-EB 

Meridien 560-I 

Meridien 560-EK 

Meridien 640-EKB 



Our Euro-style tourers, the Sonata range, bring continental panache to UK caravanning.  Designed for easy, stress-free family holidays, the Sonata’s fuel-saving construction and spacious interiors make them the perfect choice for affordable touring.

As well as the highly practical interior layouts, which ensure there’s room for everyone. You’ll find plenty of useful storage space – perfect for people on the move.  Furnishings have been especially designed to be both robust and fashionable.  You can be sure that your Sonata will stay looking fresh, no matter how many children love having holidays in it!

2009 Models

All 2009 Sonatas are furnished in the hardwearing stylish ‘Zanizbar’ over high-density, high-comfort foam cushions.

Sonata Serenade NEW

New for 2009, the four-berth, single axle Serenade  has room for rest and play, 'U' shape front end seating converts easily to a double bed at night whilst a well-equipped side kitchen has a TV station adjacent. Fixed twin single beds and individual wardrobes above lead the way to a roomy rear bathroom with separate shower, toilet and washbasin.

Sonata Concerto NEW

New for 2009, the six-berth Concerto’s unique layout makes it the ultimate family caravan. 'U' shaped front seating easily converts to a double bed at night. A well-equipped side kitchen has an extra wide side dinette opposite which converts to a single bed at night. Towards the rear, a wardrobe and storage area leads into triple bunk beds on the way to a spacious end washroom.

Sonata Symphony

This practical single-axle, six-berth Sonata is ideal for growing families. U-shaped seating at the forward end converts into a double bed, whilst a central dinette area converts into a single bed with a Pullman Bunk overhead. A partition leads into a rear bedroom with a large fixed double bed and en-suite washroom with toilet and shower. The central kitchen boasts a four-burner hob and grill, a full oven, refrigerator, sink with drainer, and generous workspace.

2009 Models

Sonata Serenade   Sonata Concerto  Sonata Symphony 


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