2018 Christmas Rally

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Xmas Rally 2018 - Red Lion Farm, Haughton

For us and two other vans the rally started a day early, after setting up home on site, (fortunately hard standing), we were invited to Richard & Ros for supper.  We had a lovely evening and were well fed and watered.

Friday saw 5 more vans arriving throughout the day. It was great for us to catch up with everyone, as we had not been to the summer rallies.

Friday night saw 18 of us meet up for supper at Zach’s place, a fish & chip restaurant in Newport.  The fish were ginormous and delicious.  We then adjourned to Richard and Ros for drinks, mince pies and great hospitality.

Saturday was a free morning for exploring, shopping or visiting, although it was dodge the heavy downpours!  We met up late afternoon in the village hall to prepare for the Christmas Meal, to find Chris, Lorna, Georgia & David had arrived. Ray and Sheila (still struggling with her leg), ably assisted by Steve and Madeline, prepared a beautiful 3 course meal, with full trimmings for 22 people. This was followed with a raffle, where we all won a prize, very clever!! Bill then ramped up the music and there was much dancing, everyone joined in at some point, Harold even managed to get Sheila up for a few steps!!

Then Santa arrived with his Elf, and we were each given a present, thank you Santa & Elf.

Sunday Leigh and I had to leave, he had an appointment early Monday morning.

It was a wonderful weekend, great conversation and laughter with good friends. Thanks to all who had a part in it. Can’t wait for next year and more rallies.

Sue Fitch

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