Fleetwood by Model

Fleetwood manufactured a number of models through the years including some specials. You will find details of those we have information for here.



May have been a factory special, the range included an Admiral 450-5, 500-4EB, 520-4ES and maybe some or all of the following Admiral 380-2, 450-4, 450-EK, 500-5 & 560-4


1983 - 1989

In 1982 the company that made Cavalier caravans ran in to financial difficulties and Fleetwood took over the brand


1998 - 2000

We believe Fleetwood manufactured the Chatsworth as a special edition of the Countryside

Chelsworth & Cavendish


These models were only available at the NEC show as part of Fleetwood Caravans’ 30th birthday celebrations. The Chelsworth based loosely on the Garland 148-4EK and the Cavendish is derived from the Garland 165-5.



Based on the Colchester, it may have been a factory special. It included a 450-5, which had seating at each end which converted into either doubles or twin beds, with the facility to have a Pullman bunk over at the rear.


1969 - 2005

The Colchester was at the forefront of Fleetwood’s activities, one of the most respected and most durable names in caravanning.


1998 - 2001

The Countryside replaced the popular Garland. One change from the Garland was that the internal height was 3 inches greater.


1984 - 1995

Marketed as a "Value for Money" caravan



Introduced to bring "that extra touch of craftsmanship and design excellence to those who desire the finer things in life".


1988 - 1997

An addition to the range to give "more comfort, more luxury with tempting extras".


1999 - 2009

A winner of multiply awards when introduced and a winner of an Innovation award in its final year. One of Fleetwood's most successful offerings!



Introduced as the "best balance between attractive specification and competitive cost"


1978 - 1983

The Melford, one of the company's best known touring caravans in the early years took its name from the manufacturing location, and became a watch word for style, reliability and quality.


2006 - 2009

The Meridien is descended directly from the Fleetwood Colchester range, the marque that made Fleetwood famous for over 30 years

Moonlight Sonata


Produced and badged for a large dealer in the same way as the Vanlander


2002 - 2009

Produced in the UK in 2002 and 2003, from 2004 a new lightweight European design was introduced which was produced in Slovakia.

The Island Range


Built to mark Fleetwood's 35th anniversary - named after the four tropical islands, Bali, Java, Sumatra and Flores


2001 - 2009

Produced by Fleetwood and finished off by Caravanland, a large dealer


2003 - 2005

Introduced as a single axle "Heritage type range". By 2006 Fleetwood combined the Volante and Heritage in to one range badged them both as Heritages.

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